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Welcome! I'm Sal Marotta.

I am an author, entrepreneur, and the person you will be receiving awesome monthly newsletter emails from. 😏


I hope by the end of this you’ll agree.

I love good storytelling, magic tricks, and writing.

Hold on, let me backtrack a little.

I love good storytelling and writing, I don’t necessarily “love” magic tricks anymore. I did when I was little, and trust me; I got a lot of slack for it. Today, I sort of just have an appreciation for them, because they taught me something valuable: the mind is a playground. And at that, it’s a playground you can master.

I have pretty much spent my whole life trying to master that playground, studying body language, language patterns, personal development, hypnosis, and persuasion, all in hope of getting an edge in this incredibly interpersonal world.

If you’re like me, during at least one point in your life, you probably have searched for that edge as well.

In my journey to develop my interpersonal skills, I tailored myself to become a full-blown master of social dynamics…. or that creepy Machiavellian dude that thinks he’s cunning but really isn’t… depending on how you look at it. Hopefully it’s not the latter, because if you’re willing to bear with me on this, I have some incredible value to share.

If you know me personally, you might be shocked to hear I write self-help. And if you don’t, you might assume that I’m all happy-go-lucky, that I carry around a gratitude journal, and that I never make sarcastic comments about the people who cut me off while I’m driving.

By nature, I’m an expert in sarcasm. In fact, it is a fundamental part of my humor. Sometimes people are shocked that I churn out this deep and optimistic content, and I don’t fit the mold of a sappy self-help teacher. They are even offended by it!

There seems to be this assumption that ordinary people and self-help don’t mix well. That drives me crazy. I love meditation, I try to be conscious on a daily basis, I stress optimism and selfless action, but I’m also human, I get agitated, and I might steal your parking spot if I’m in a rush.

The main lesson here is that we shouldn’t keep self-help, or any genre for that matter in a proverbial box of picture-perfect enlightenment. By dehumanizing the genre, we turn people away from it. So part of my mission is to destroy the self-help stigma. The stuff I teach will make your personality blossom, and will improve your ability to relate to everyone. I believe that wit, charm, and humble (sometimes sarcastic) humor are essential pillars of self-improvement. After all, they’re signs that you’re living freely without limitations

One last thing, when I first started this journey, my goal was to enliven my personality through tactics and tricks.

Today, I have learned that outward skills are cool, but it's internal development that is truly valuable, so that is where I focus my efforts. Either way, I acquired some pretty cool skills along the way. Plus, I'm still young, so there's so much more to learn… and share!

In the meantime, I want to help you! I made this website to provide a home for people seeking to live without limitations. And so I write to encourage people like you to keep growing, to challenge yourself, and to stretch your comfort zone. But I don’t want you to do it alone, that’s why I update this blog constantly with new content, videos, tips, tricks, and life hacks you can apply to get your own edge.

Thanks for listening to me blab about myself for this long. However, the story is really about you! I hope that speaks through my work.

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Professional Bio

Sal Marotta is the author of the Amazon Best Seller Unleashing the Miracles of Your Mind. Like most boys, he grew up wanting to help people by using heat vision, super strength, and x-ray vision, but eventually he realized that wasn’t possible, so he settled for the next best thing: self-help. Independently educated in applicable psychology, Sal’s mission is to help you master your mind and your emotions so you can create an incredible lifestyle. In 2015, he obtained his Bachelors of the Arts in English from Rollins College. Upon graduation he received Marian Folsom Jr. Award for the genial quality of scholarship --- leavened by warmth, wit, and modesty. He is a published author of multiple works for the Rollins College Brushing Art and Literary Journal. Today, Sal has taken the passion he has for one subject and the skills he acquired in another, and uses them to provide people with opportunity to create the lives they have always dreamed of, the lives they know they are entitled to. The world is littered with powerful tools that only a select few of successful people have had the opportunity to get their hands on. Well, throughout his life, Sal has made it his priority to get his hands all over them. But he doesn’t want to keep what he has learned to himself. He is now privileged with the opportunity to share his discoveries with people all over the world, helping people to maintain positive and productive lives, to build better relationships, and to find confidence in themselves.

With a fresh approach to self-help, and the honesty and enthusiasm to match, Sal encourages people from all walks of life to break free from their limitations and live a full, fruitful, and productive life.

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